Get your craft on with Cut & Paste’s summer camps! Explore your inner artist, delight in fantasy themes, grow your collections, or make accessories for you and your doll.

Call 859.223.0114 now to reserve your weeks. Payment in full is required to reserve your space.

Campers must be the age listed by the first day of camp.

Week-long Camps

Exploring Art

June 5-9, 9am-noon
Ages 8-12, $150
We’re going to spend the week painting canvases, tote bags and clipboards, melting crayons, throwing paint, mixing media, coloring, and polka dotting. Come explore new ways to get creative!

My Girl and Me

June 12-16, 1-4pm OR July 24-28, 9-noon
Ages 7-12, $170
Girls will bring their American Girl doll with them this week! We’ll build, paint, and decorate our own solid wood doll bed, and make bedding for it. Then we’ll create jewelry and beach totes for ourselves and our dolls.

Fantastic Beasts

June 26-30, 9am-noon
Ages 6-10, $150
Do you love animals? This week we’ll be making crafts of both real and imaginary creatures with paint, wood, paper, fabric, yarn, and more. Join us and make your own fantastic beasts.

Princess Camp

July 10-14, 1-4pm
Ages 7-12, $150
This week we will explore the worlds of our favorite Disney Princesses. We’ll make crafts and learn about Moana, Belle, Anna & Elsa, Ariel, and Rapunzel. Campers will create peg people for each of the princesses, create a home for them, and explore painting, mosaics, mixed media, and more crafts.

Mermaid Week

July 17-21, 9am-noon
Ages 8-12, $150
Let[‘s go under the sea this week. We’ll make our own mermaid tail blanket, decorate flip flops and sunglasses, create sea creatures, and try out new crafting techniques.

Horsing Around

July 31-August 4, 9am-noon
Ages 7-12, $150
Are you a horse fan? We’re going to spend the week crafting all things horse. We’ll paint a barn and several horses, get creative with horseshoes, design our own jockey silk, and make a horse-themed display for awards.

One-Day Mini Camps

Puppy Camp

June 1, 9am-noon  OR  August 8, 9am-noon
Ages 5-10, $30
Campers will paint their own stuffed dog and a house for it to live in.

My Girl Mini-Camp

June 13, 9am-noon
Ages 5-10, $30
We’ll create tote bags for our American Girl dolls and make matching jewelry and a box to keep it in.

Collector’s Shop

June 29, 1-4pm  OR  August 9, 9am-noon
Ages 5-10, $30
Do you collect Shopkins, Num Noms, or Tsum Tsums? This mini-camp is for you. We’ll create a stand for you to display your favorites, paint our own characters to hang on the wall, and trade our extras with each other.

Peg People Parade

July 12, 9am-noon
Ages 6-12, $30
Create your own set of peg people princesses or superheroes, or make your own family in miniature. We’ll also create a case to store them in.

Pirate Day

July 19, 1-4pm
Ages 6-10, $30
Ahoy mateys! Paint your own pirate ship today, and make an eye patch and a sword to take home.

Do Up Your Room

August 3, 1-4pm
Ages 8-12, $30
Learn to stencil a cork board and make a chalkboard to decorate your room.